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Price Confidence:

Maximize revenue

with OUR Supercharger


Maximize revenue potential by using pricing as your secret weapon.

Want to learn more?
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Who's it for?

Service-based founders who want to boost revenue and accelerate
growth by using pricing as their secret weapon.

You'll go from

- Knowing that pricing is important, but not knowing where to begin


- Worrying about whether or not you've made good pricing decisions

- Having little confidence justifying  your prices to potential customers and investors

- Feeling helpless about how to grow revenue

- Worrying about losing potential customers by increasing prices

to this...

- Feeling confident about how to approach pricing

- Sleep better knowing that you've made good pricing decisions

- Feeling confident talking about prices to potential customers or investors


- Knowing your pricing tiers are  maximizing revenue

- Feeling confident that your products and prices will maximize customer happiness along with your revenue


Over 6 weekly group coaching calls, we'll walk through these 5 expertly-designed modules, to ensure you'll be able to confidently price your services.


Boost Pricing Accuracy

Let's stop guessing prices by finding out how much customers will pay and what you can help them achieve.


Unlock More Value

Make your service a no-brainer investment by using the '5X More Value Identifier' to unlock additional value for each customer segment.


3X Revenue With Service Tiers

Maximize revenue and customer happiness by confidently creating service tiers that align with varying customer budgets.


Supercharge Price Confidence and Revenue

Put all the pieces together to create service tiers and price points that supercharge both confidence and revenue.


Boost Conversions With Pricing Tips and Tricks

Transform boring pricing pages into high-converting sales machines with pricing tips and tricks that convert.

Supercharge your revenue by pricing confidently.

WHO's Teaching THIS program?

Hi. I'm Carolyn.

Early on in my entrepreneurial career I made some pricing mistakes and quickly realized there was no where to go for pricing help. I didn't think about it then, but that was the catalyst for my pricing education. I knew that pricing was THE thing I could control to boost revenue, but it was a black box. So, I took what I already knew from my MBA and lived business experience, and then read as many pricing books as I could, and did pricing courses at places like MIT - all to fix my own pricing problem.


Now, nearly 10 years later, as a pricing advisor and coach, I've become kind of obsessed with helping founders not just get a better handle on pricing, but actually use it supercharge their revenue and conversions.


I'm on a mission to help founders gain clarity around the value they offer and then use it to price their products confidently. With those pieces of the puzzle in place, the sky's the limit when it comes to boosting confidence and revenue.

If you want to feel confident when you talk about your prices and know you've priced to maximize your revenue and customer happiness, the Supercharger Framework can help get you there.


Schedule a call to see if it's a good fit.

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Cindy Diogo-Kociuba, CEO

Carolyn helped us uncover hidden revenue streams and provided clarity. Carolyn possesses an incredible knack for simplifying complex pricing concepts into practical, actionable advice. I wholeheartedly recommend Carolyn to fellow startups seeking to boost their revenue. She's a valuable asset, and her expertise is pure gold.

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Emily Best, CEO
Seed&Spark + Film Forward

We had been spinning our wheels on our pricing and she completely broke open the approach for us to make it simple and actionable. I refer her to everyone at any stage of evolving a product to sell to people!!

Unlock your revenue potential when you price confidently.
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