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What if you didn't have to GUESS how to set prices for your...


Supercharge revenue and get inspired with the Price School Newsletter.

Use pricing as a tool to make more money.

Learn how to use pricing to maximize your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) with a structured approach and the right tools.


Beacon Commerce Pricing Client | Best Kind Consulting | Smart Pricing for Small Business

Don, CEO 
Beacon Commerce

"Carolyn has brought clarity and insight to both my pricing structure and my overall business. She has been an instrumental partner in the process and I would definitely recommend her services."

BeacCanopy Accounting & Tax Pricing Client | Best Kind Consulting | Smart Pricing for Small Business

Lena, CEO
Canopy Accounting & Tax

“The price consulting that Carolyn did will impact the trajectory of my company significantly and I know will contribute directly to its success. Carolyn was responsive, attentive, and a complete joy to work with.” 

Emily Best Pic_edited.jpg

Emily, CEO
Seed&Spark +
Film Forward

Carolyn was recommended to me as "the most valuable first meeting you'll ever take," which is high praise. And it was absolutely correct. We had been spinning our wheels on SaaS pricing and she completely broke open the approach for us to make it simple and actionable. I refer her to everyone at any stage of evolving a product to sell to people!!



Whether you need to price a new product, fix your current prices, or find new opportunities, we'll work as a team to ensure you delight customers while maximizing sales and profits.

Woman smiling in sunglasses_edited.jpg


This accelerator program will show you how to maximize your MRR by teaching you how to create a tiered pricing structure that's based on your perceived value. You'll finally feel completely confident justifying prices to customers and potential investors and accelerate your growth by using pricing as your secret weapon.


Increase your MRR, improve decision-making, and stay on track through monthly coaching, support and accountability sessions.

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